Frische Flocken, made up of team members Tran Tran (from left), Matt Lefever, Nancy Yegerlehner and James Kvesic, won the fifth round of the ERP SAP Simulation Competition.

ERP students gain valuable experience through competition

May 10, 2017 by Greg Katski

Students in Missouri S&T’s 2017 ERP SAP Simulation Competition gained experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), learned how to work on diverse, professional teams, and, most importantly, made career connections with corporate sponsors.

In fact, all three members of the competition’s winning team, “Delicious Delights” are graduating this May and going to work for their team’s sponsor.

Bridget Bier, a senior in engineering management, will be working in Deloitte’s Kansas City office, while John Nisbett, a senior in business, and Jessica Phung, a senior in information systems and technology, will work for the professional services firm in Chicago.

Phung credits connections made with Deloitte employees and executives during recruiting visits by the company with helping her land a job there.

“Those (networking) experiences definitely helped,” she says.

In addition to starting their jobs at Deloitte, the Delicious Delights team members will compete in the 9th International ERPsim Competition this summer. The competition tasks teams of three to four participants with managing a virtual company with ERPsim, a real-life ERP system using the SAP Business Suite.

Dr. Bih-Ru Lea, associate professor of business and information technology, organizes an ERP SAP Simulation Competition every spring semester in conjunction with her Center for Enterprise Resource Planning classes.

The competition is divided into five rounds, with each round lasting an hour. Some rounds have corporate sponsors, which this year included Deloitte, Investment Reality and Cargill.

Montana Long, who was representing Cargill at the fifth and final round of the competition, participated in last year’s ERP SAP Simulation Competition and points to it as the main reason she is now a business relationship manager at Cargill in Minneapolis.

James Kvesic, a senior in information science and technology and member of second place team Frische Flocken, also participated in last year’s competition. He says it was the reason he got an internship with Energizer in St. Louis last summer.

Randall Flotte, a senior in business and management systems, was a newcomer to the competition. He says he joined team German Granola because he wanted to learn more about ERP.

“Most companies use it,” Flotte says, including Walmart, the company he will work for after graduation.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate back off functions related to technology, services and human resources.