2021 Faculty Teaching Award

2021 Faculty Teaching Award Nomination Form

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The CASB faculty teaching award is meant to be distinct from other campus-wide teaching awards, thus CET scores are not a criterion for consideration. Instead, we wish to honor true innovation in teaching from CASB full-time ranked faculty, NTT faculty, and instructors and adjuncts. This may be any teaching method used in a traditional course, or outside the classroom. We want to recognize methods that are original in theory or implementation; where instructors have taken a risk in a course to test a novel approach that may, or may not, have worked out like they thought; where there is significant impact on student learning or engagement; or the potential to adopt the methods across disciplines or across colleges. 

Because of the 360 approach we wish to take in assessing and awarding teaching, we encourage applicants to find a suitable nominator.


Who is eligible to be nominated?

All CASB affiliated full-time ranked faculty, NTT faculty, and instructors and adjuncts. 

Faculty are eligible to receive this award every four years.  (Current members of the Faculty Leadership Council are not eligible to win this award.)


Timeline for 2021 awards:

February 15:   Submit your intent to nominate to CASB@mst.edu

March 3:          Complete nomination package due to CASB Dean’s office.  Submit to CASB@mst.edu

April 16:           Faculty Leadership Council Awards Committee to submit recommendations to CASB Office of the Vice Provost and Dean

April 26:           Nominees informed of decision 

2020 Winners:


Alanna Krolikowski
History and Political Science



Carleigh Davis
English and Technical Communication



Julie Semon
Biological Sciences