Graduate Student Leadership Council

Mission Statement

The Graduate Student Leadership Council (GSLC) of the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business (CASB) operates as an active advising body serving the collective interests of graduate students in the college, providing a communication link between students and administration, and working to enhance the goals of the college and the greater university community.

Vision Statement

The GSLC will serve as CASB’s student leadership team representing the graduate student body. Members will work closely with the CASB senior administrative team: the vice provost and dean, the associate deans, and the executive director of development.  This council will have the capacity to transform and enhance graduate student experiences across the college.

Objectives of the GSLC

  • To represent the CASB graduate student body
  • To serve in an advisory capacity to the vice provost and dean
  • To raise the visibility of CASB and its graduate programs
  • To recognize graduate student achievements in the college
  • To promote the college and its graduate programs to the S&T community and to prospective students

Meeting Schedule

The GSLC will meet monthly when classes are in session. Meetings are typically scheduled for 90 minutes, and an agenda will be made available in advance by the GSLC secretary.  The executive committee of the GSLC will hold additional meetings as necessary; executive committee meetings will be called by the GSLC president.        

Term of Membership

The membership term of the GSLC is one academic year; starting the first day of the fall semester and ending the last day of the spring semester. There may be optional meetings/retreats during the summer months.  The board members for the following year will be appointed before the last meeting of the spring semester.  Members of the GSLC in good standing may apply to serve for subsequent terms with the approval of the vice provost and dean or his/her designate.

Qualifications and Selection Process

Student must be a graduate student enrolled in a discipline within the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business.  Students must be in good academic and judicial standing as defined by Missouri S&T.  All members must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 at the end of each semester.  Students who are interested in serving on the GSLC must fill out the application and nomination forms and submit the appropriate letters of recommendation.  The CASB senior administrative team will appoint the founding members of the GLSC, including members of the executive committee, but after the first year the president, members of the GSLC, and the CASB senior administrative team will work together to review the nomination packets and select the next members of the GSLC (this process will exclude any sitting board members seeking reappointment). The membership of the entire board, including executive committee members, is eight students representing, ideally, all the graduate academic programs within CASB. 

Dismissal/Resignation of Membership

Members can be dismissed from the GSLC for the following reasons:

  • GPA falls below 3.0
  • Poor academic or judicial standing with Missouri S&T
  • Transfer to a different university or change of major out of CASB
  • Three or more unexcused absences from board meetings or activities
  • Inappropriate or unethical conduct that may reflect negatively on the GSLC or CASB

If a member needs to resign from the board before his/her term has expired, then he/she must provide a written resignation to the GSLC president and secretary. 

Functions of the GSLC

  • Create and implement activities for CASB graduate students
  • Actively participate in graduate student activities organized by academic departments
  • Promote CASB at graduate student recruiting events such as visits by prospective students
  • Promote diversity and inclusion within CASB
  • Mentor other CASB graduate students to enhance their leadership skills
  • Provide feedback and recommendations regarding current CASB programming and future CASB student activities
  • Present feedback and suggestions on academic and policy issues to the senior administrative team
  • Work closely with the CASB senior administrative team and the Office of Graduate Studies
  • Serve as student liaisons to the Dean’s Leadership Council

GSLC Executive Committee

The executive committee of the GSLC will consist of a president, a vice president, and a secretary. Executive committee members are expected to attend CASB events and activities and represent CASB at Missouri S&T events.

  • Provides leadership to the GSLC
  • Chairs the GSLC meetings
  • Calls and chairs executive committee meetings
  • Appoints committees and committee chairs as needed
  • Sets goals for the academic year
Vice President
  • Presides over meetings if the president is absent
  • Serves on the executive committee.
  • Coordinates membership and nomination of new members
  • Serves as a liaison to any GSLC committees
  • Coordinates the attendance of members at CASB and university events.
  • Serves on the executive committee
  • Keeps records of board actions
  • Keeps, creates, records and distributes meeting minutes
  • Creates and distributes agendas  
  • Keeps accurate member rosters with updated contact information and term commitments
  • Tracks attendance at meetings and at CASB and S&T events.
  • Creates a monthly report to submit to the vice provost and dean which may include GSLC business, CASB activities, existing issues and potential solutions, feedback and/or constructive comments.