2021 Research Award

2021 Faculty Research Award Nomination Form

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The CASB Research Awards are intended to be different from campus-wide research awards in that we value impact on students and the field and not necessarily research funding or expenditures. Instead, we wish to honor your own meritorious acknowledgements, demonstrations of high impact on the discipline, innovation in methods or results, and/or your work with undergraduates in their research project productivity. 

Work with undergraduates (UGs) includes faculty working with and mentoring undergraduate students in research endeavors (not simply bringing UGs in your graduate student research). The award also broadly includes UG research that involves UGs at a variety of levels, first years to seniors, which means that it does not require the research be uniquely the student's research project/novel idea, but it could be the faculty person's research that included UGs in a meaningful, instructional way and not merely as data entry robots.


Number of awards and award amount:

There will be up to three $500 awards per year.  Faculty are eligible to receive this award every four years.


Who is eligible to be nominated?

All CASB affiliated full-time ranked faculty and NTT faculty are eligible. Self-nominations are encouraged.  (Current members of the Faculty Leadership Council are not eligible for this award.)


Timeline for 2021 awards:

February 15:       Submit your intent to nominate to CASB@mst.edu

March 3:             Complete nomination package due to CASB Dean’s office. Submit to CASB@mst.edu

April 16:              Faculty Leadership Council Awards Committee to submit recommendations to CASB Office of the Vice Provost and Dean

April 26:              Nominees informed of decision

2020 Winners:


Daniel Fischer



Jason Murphy
Mathematics and Statistics



Risheng Wang