Student Impact Award

Working with students is rewarding for faculty and students, and we wish to honor that relationship with a student impact award.  We believe that influence beyond the classroom and course content is crucial in shaping future professionals.  This connection includes personal development, professional development, and impact on a student’s trajectory in life or in their perspective or insight.

This award must take a number of students and student situations into account, so the nomination process will be different than others.


Nomination from alumni

As we know, students often reflect on the many benefits they received from the personal attention and caring of one or two faculty members they had in college.  This award will recognize faculty who had the greatest positive impact on undergraduate or graduate students in CASB.  This is not an award for excellence in teaching, but rather an award for a faculty member who has had a significant and positive impact on a student’s life.  Alumni will be contacted by email to nominate a faculty member for the CASB Student Impact Award.  The nomination will be one letter from a previous student (not to exceed three pages) expressing the influence the nominee has had on their life, career, and/or perspective.  Further, faculty are encouraged to contact past students who they have impacted to solicit a nomination.  The student nominator is required to submit the nomination letter to


Current student nomination

Current students will receive an email during the first part of the Spring semester asking them to nominate a faculty member who has had the most positive influence on them in their career at S&T.  Those votes will be normalized and the faculty member with the most votes will receive the award.  All nominees will be made aware of their nomination.

The initial email will be sent out in January, during the first week of classes, and we will continue to follow up.  Announcements will be made through Student eConnection to ensure participation.  Votes will be due by March 3.


Number of awards and award amount

There will be one $500 alumni nominated award and one $500 current student award per year.


Who is eligible to be nominated?

All CASB affiliated full-time ranked faculty, NTT faculty, and instructors and adjuncts are eligible.  Faculty are eligible to receive this award every four years.


Timeline for 2021 awards:

March 3:              Nominating letter due to CASB Dean’s office. Submit to

March 3:              Deadline for votes from current students

April 16:               Faculty Leadership Council Awards Committee to submit recommendations to CASB Dean

April 26:               Nominees informed of decision

2020 Winners:


Diana Ahmad
History and Political Science
Current Student



Amber Henslee
Psychological Science