Graduate Student Leadership Council

Who Are We?

The Graduate Student Leadership Council is an advisory body within the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business that serves as a communication link between graduate students and the college administration.

What Do We Do?

As an intermediary between graduate students and the college administration, we serve the collective interests of our fellow graduate students on college and university policymaking, create professional and leadership development opportunities to prepare our fellow graduate students for their future careers, and work toward the greater goals of the college and the university.

How Can I Help?

If you are a graduate in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business, we would like to hear from you at You can participate in any number of our student activities found below.

Get Involved

Board Members

Executive Committee

Casey Burton


Sahika Sahan

Vice President

Nikki Gomez


General board members

Matt Liberson

Student Affairs Specialist

Andrew Eyberg

Communications Specialist

Our Projects

Professional Development Workshops

We aim to provide our fellow graduate students with the professional development and leadership opportunities needed for their post-graduate careers. This one-day symposium will feature a number of engaging workshops ranging from personal branding to enhancing communication skills to student entrepreneurship, designed to encourage meaningful interactions between our graduate students and university resources.

Student Travel Grants

Having the ability to attend and present at academic conferences is essential for professional development, with benefits that include dissemination of scholarly research, exposure to state-of-the-art techniques, and the ability to network and prepare students for their future careers. In addition, academic conferences enable students to raise their own visibility and that of the college. We have made it our mission that every graduate student in our college have the opportunity to experience and present at at least one national conference during their graduate study.

Student Recognitions

Raising the visibility of our professional accomplishments is necessary for enhancing the reputations of our college and its students. Every day on our campus, significant work in research, business and philanthropy is being performed by our graduate students, and there is a need to better recognize and applaud it. This project will involve the creation of new mechanisms to promote our accomplishments in conventional media and to celebrate our successes through formal events.

Distinguished Lecture Series

Talented speakers have the power to broaden our educational experience by exposing us to diverse people, backgrounds and ideas, and by encouraging thought-provoking conversations and ideas. These experiences serve to spark new ideas within us, guide career and professional development, and enhance the reputation of our college. This projects aims to establish a distinguished lecture series tailored to CASB graduate students that will supported by our distinguished alumni.