FYRE Student applicants


All freshmen students and transfer students new to a department are eligible to participate in FYRE.  Students DO NOT have to major in the discipline that matches the FYRE project.  In fact, many extraordinarily successful partnerships have resulted from FYRE students and mentors from different disciplines.

Selection decisions

Selection decisions will be made by a committee assembled by the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business, and in consultation with faculty mentors, no later than November 20, 2020.  Work on FYRE projects will begin in January and end in late April/early May 2020. 


conference and showcase participation

FYRE students are strongly encouraged to participate in the Undergraduate Research Conference held on campus in April, and are required to participate in the FYRE Research Showcase in May. 

Start your application

Applications are due Friday Nov. 13, 2020. FYRE is only available to students who are majoring in an academic program within the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business.

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