FYRE Student applicants

  • Must have an academic major within the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business
  • Must be a first year or transfer student 
  • Meet with the faculty mentor of your chosen project(s) before submitting your application (A link to each mentor's campus directory information and office location is included with the project description.)
  • Submit an application by Friday Nov. 2, 2018

Selection decisions
  • Selection decisions will be made by a committee assembled by CASB, and in consultation with faculty mentors, no later than November 9, 2018
  • Work on FYRE projects will officially begin in January and continue until the end of the semester, although faculty mentors will have the option to suggest some background reading to their students before January. 

conference and showcase participation

FYRE students are encouraged to participate in the on-campus Undergraduate Research Conference in early April and are required to participate in the FYRE Research Showcase in early May.

Start your application

Applications are due Friday Nov. 2, 2018. FYRE is only available to students who are majoring in an academic program within the College of Arts, Sciences, and Business.

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